Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits

Long flowy Anarkali suits can make any woman look regal, royal and beautiful. An Anarkali suit is a combination of a long flowing kurta and tight fitted churidaar (leggings) with sheer chunni or stole completing the look. The kurta is fitted on the bust and normally features large pleats flowing around the legs like an umbrella.


Anarkali Shalwar suit is a form of women's dress originating from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. The Anarkali suit is made up of a long, frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom. The Anarkali suit varies in many different lengths and embroideries including floor-length Anarkali styles. Anarkali suits owe their name to the fictional Anarkali, a courtesan in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar who was legendarily murdered for her illicit relationship with the Crown Prince Salim, who would later become the Emperor Jahangir. The word Anarkali literally means the ‘delicate bud of the pomegranate flower/ tree’. This name signifies the qualities of softness, vulnerability, innocence, and beauty associated with the women who wore Anarkalis.


Weavers of the ancient time were really popular for their production of dresses with the use of special fabric and now sold around the world. In the Mughal Period, women wore this Anarkali suits not only because it is made from lavish fabric clothing but because it has the power to enhance their beauty and charm men. This suit is a display of royal appearance for women which they can wear in any festivity or occasion. This style of dress is sewn and woven with a rich type of embroidery on every piece. Anarkali suit flatters any body type. It gives emphasis on the top which then covers up the hips and waist because of its long pleats. The dresses are now made from satin, silk, net, georgette and pure cotton.


There are available v-neck Anarkali suits that are suitable for medium height women. Short height and medium height women will find these more suitable while tall women can choose from any type of neck designs.

Heavy flare suits tall women who usually have hourglass figure while the short and petite ones should go less flare.


Knee-length Anarkali suits are not advisable for tall women while the short and petite ones will even look graceful in high heels.


A heavily embellished Anarkali suit can often not need accessories. You can freely go with a pair of long and nice ethnic earrings.

Anarkali dresses’ work type varies that is why this garment is immensely versatile. These outfits with heavy brocade and elaborate neck cuts are best for wedding parties. The good thing about our Anarkali suits is that they have heavy work and yet remain classy making it look more elegant at dinner parties or any formal occasions.


Right from wedding celebrations, parties, festive occasions and social soirees this elegant dressing is loved by women of all ages because of its form and rich look. The suit is being worn by film personalities, society divas and for public appearances and is available at branded outlets of Indian wear and designer boutiques.

Stitching and Preparation

A simple Anarkali suit takes 2 to 3 days to be stitched and the time taken varies due to the fabric, cut, embroidery or product to be embellished. They are generally worn with a dupatta in the same fabric or with a net stole. Fabrics are readily available along with the various kinds of sequins, mirrors, beads, zari, faux pearls and much more, but it is easier to get the outfit stitched. Local tailors are experienced and have sources for procuring the required elements quickly.

The types of fabrics include net, viscose, georgette, chiffon and lace. Embroideries like appliqué, Phool Patti, Bagh, Chikankari, Kashmiri kashida, Soof, Gota, Ahir, Kantha stich, Kathiawari, Kutchhi, Badla, Mirror work, patchwork and much more. The shades of color used for the Anarkali are not ordinary. Colors like salmon, ochre, teal and fuchsia are combined with regular colors to create an interesting mix

Present Day Scenario

Anarkali style looks elegant and suits every woman. The Anarkali Salwar Suits is embellished with heavy embroidery making use of zari, zardozi, motifs, stones, sequins, beads and mirrors. The Anarkali Salwar Suits sleeves may be long or short and the long sleeves are generally tight. The long Anarkali Salwar Suits frock has a typical shape. Anarkali Salwar Suits is tight above the waist and shaped like an umbrella in the lower part. The flares can easily hide every bit of extra weight. You may opt for a cut with little or lot of flares.

The way fashion industry is changing is quite shocking. The design which is latest today or is in trend today becomes outdated tomorrow. The new modern era is about fashion and every person is running behind the latest fashion. Right now Anarkali Salwar Suits is in latest trend these days.The modern-day fashion designers have continuously applied their original minds to adapt the traditional Indian Anarkali Salwar Suits. In some cases, the fabric is itself modified, whereas in others only the style of draping and trimmings change.